Sean F. McCloskey

Sean McCloskey specializes in Dental Malpractice and is the top law office in Sonoma County for gaining fair and just settlements.

Resources and Experts

Sean works closely with top board certified dental specialists from around the Bay Area who act as expert witnesses on his cases.

Injuries and Neglect

What constitues injury or neglect? What is Dental Malpractice? Click here to find out more and gain a better understanding.

Even Dentists make mistakes

Regardless of excuse, we use your legal rights to get relief from your dental professional and their malpractice insurance company.

Who We Are

Dental Malpractice Legal Specialists

We have 20 years experience in resolving dental malpractice cases in favor of our clients and we are the top legal resource for Sonoma County for such cases. We service all rural areas of Sonoma County and all of its cities and towns.

What We Do

We get quick and fair results

  • We Listen
  • We quantify the facts
  • We consult with dentistry experts
  • We define all legal recourse
  • We bring the case to resolution

What People Are Saying

Why we are considered the top Dental Lawyer in Sonoma County

  • "Honest, fair, fast outcome"

    CEO of International Retail Org
  • "Simple: Right information and best results"

    Dr. S., San Francisco
  • "Sean helped me obtain a quick and fair settlement"

    Mother/Housewife, Santa Rosa

There are attorneys in Northern California (Sean McCloskey, Steven Teal, Paul Silver, etc.). Sean McCloskey is in the heart of Sonoma and has over 20 years experience in dental malpractice and an excellent success record.